Where to do kitchen remodel?

Remodeling a kitchen in Manhattan will cost much more than in Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx. Our expert team of designers can plan your kitchen in New York, whether large or small, regardless of the size or the difficult configuration of the space. We'll maximize every inch by incorporating beautiful designs and style. Our kitchen contractors will work on the construction and installation and will complete your kitchen down to the smallest detail.

Detail Renovations mainly does high-end kitchen remodeling in neighborhoods such as Manhattan's Upper West Side and Brooklyn's Park Slope, leaving their mark on New York City's most exclusive zip codes. Alure Home Improvements does more than build beautiful new kitchens with its state-of-the-art design imaging technology; it builds kitchens that last. The kitchen remodeler also installed double ovens, a gourmet stove and a high-end Waterstone wheeled faucet in polished nickel. We'll provide you with a wide variety of photos and concepts from previous kitchen remodeling projects to offer you ideas and inspiration.

These remodelers manage kitchen and bathroom projects with ease, considering everything from local codes to your family's lifestyle. The firm emphasizes the importance of making realistic estimates at all scales, from smaller home improvement projects, such as kitchen and bathroom renovations, to complete residential and commercial interior remodeling. Their services include kitchen and bathroom renovations and remodeling of private homes in Manhattan and Brooklyn. I take you on a tour of the kitchen in my New York apartment, talk about my most used kitchen utensils, and share my favorite kitchen decor findings from Amazon.

Common kitchen designs in New York City include galley, L-shaped, U-shaped, island and peninsula kitchens. With more than a decade of experience in kitchen renovations, MyHome is recognized as a premier kitchen designer and contractor in the New York City area. Your dedicated designer works with you every step of the way to renovate, remodel and recondition your kitchen to your demanding standards of style and quality.

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