Who designs a kitchen remodel?

Architects, interior designers and kitchen designers design kitchens. If you're already working with an architect or interior designer on your home project, you can choose to have that person also design the kitchen.

Remodeling your kitchen

may need both an architect and a designer. This is the best of both worlds, as it gives you access to structural design expertise as well as a professional with an eye for style.

Drafting Cafe Architects has professionals in both areas, as well as architectural and interior design packages to help you get the most out of your renovation. The need for an architect depends on the extent of the remodeling of your kitchen and the desired result. Smaller projects, such as adding a window or tearing down a non-load-bearing wall, generally don't require the need for an architect or designer. The homeowner and remodeling contractor can generally handle these projects with great success.

On the other hand, hiring an architect can be invaluable if you're planning a larger or more complicated remodel. The city or town may request an architect to prepare plans if the walls need to be removed or an addition is being built. According to Bill Boehm of Boehm Architecture, you don't need an architect for a simple remodel or kitchen upgrade. However, if a project involves structural changes, a different configuration, or changes to the exterior walls, an architect may be needed.

The Massachusetts state building code does not require an architect, but any city permit officer has the right to ask an engineer or architect to seal the drawings. When Bill works with a BBR kitchen owner and designer, he will design the kitchen based on the location of the cabinets and hand over the details of the kitchen cabinets to the designer. The owner will meet with the designer and explain the architect's plans. Afterwards, the kitchen designer will talk to the architect to give him his opinion on the plans and suggestions for possible changes and adjustments.

To better understand kitchen design, BBR recommends homeowners attend one or more workshops related to kitchen design, remodeling, or working with a contractor. There are several different types of professionals you can work with when you're remodeling your kitchen. With knowledge of design theory, architects are able to create a kitchen design that not only fits the floor plan you have in mind, but also has an efficient traffic design that makes it easy to navigate your kitchen.

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